National Centre for Biotechnology in Veterinary Medicine

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to build a long-term base of applied research, through the concentration of research capacities of 7 research organizations in the field of biotechnology in veterinary medicine, animal production and related fields. The impact of the project is to ensure the sustainable production of quality and safe food of animal origin in terms of implementing policies to reduce antibiotic consumption, improve the welfare of farmed animals, maintain biodiversity in the landscape and the principles of circular economy. The results generated in the project in the form of new or innovative products or services should increase the competitiveness of the participating companies. During 6 years of the project min. 30 sub-projects is planned with expected min. 35 innovative outputs.


TAČR – National Centres of Competence

77,301 thou. CZK


Veterinary Research Institute


Project researcher