Cell culture laboratory

Cell culture laboratory

Immortalized cell lines and isolated primary cells are used in the Cell culture laboratory for in vitro and ex vivo analysis of cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory potential of promising compounds, nano-/microparticles, and liposomes. Selected cell lines serve also for mRNA transfection for research of novel vaccines.

Available equipment

  • Inverted optical microscope
  • Microplate readers – BioTek EL800 and Synergy2

Actual research topics

  • Analysis of cytotoxicity, anti-inflammatory potential, and redox activity of natural and synthetic compounds and their formulation on selected cell lines in the cooperation with Faculty of Pharmacy MUNI and Faculty of Science of Comenius University Bratislava
  • Determination of mechanism of action of test material using flow cytometry (FACS), immunodetection, and electron or confocal microscopy.
  • Preparation of cell models of particular pato/physiological stages for analysis of biological activities of new compounds and their nano-/microformulations

The head of the laboratory

Laboratory team