Rational Design of Polysaccharide‐based Particulate Systems for the Delivery of Mucosal Therapeutics with Broad Spectrum of Biological Activities

Project objectives

Polysaccharides are essential biomacromolecules that exist in all living forms where they have important biological functions. A wide range of pharmacological activities (antitumor, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral and hypoglycemic) make them one of the most promising candidates in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. The basic concept of their various applications is their receptivity to physical stimuli and chemical modifications leading to the required properties. The priority of therapeutic requirements in pharmaceutical technology is the targeted preparation of dosage forms with controlled physicochemical properties in terms of the site of delivery and the rate of drug release. The aim of the project is to create intelligent drug carriers using the pharmacological activities of polysaccharides in combination with their ability to respond to external stimuli. The aim of this project is to find and define the relationships of self-assembly processes in drug-polysaccharide systems that lead to pharmaceutically desired consequences through a detailed structural analysis.


VS – Public tender

9,508 thou. CZK


Veterinary Research Institute

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Masaryk University

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